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Station Break: All you need is love

Heads up! [personal profile] jjhunter is hosting a Love Meme at her journal. Nominate yourself or other equally-deserving candidates, share what it is that makes someone else totally awesome and love-deserving in your eyes, and all in all just spread the love around, people. :D (Myself and [personal profile] lilalanor are already contenders. Check the post's user name index to see if you need to drop-kick your own name on the list like I did are already on the list.)

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Station Break: Should old acquaintance be forgot...

Happy New Year, one and all!

May this election year be one where I am not forced to go hide in a dark corner and weep for humanity. And to all the friends I've lost made this past year, here's to another year of friendship and smutty bad good fic.

*pops champagne in the internet's general direction*

I hope to get my 2011 Year-in-Review masterpost of fic and fannish resolutions posted sometime in the near future, latest by the time FNFF SeSa reveals go live. And let's not forget the first episode of Sherlock Season 2 tomorrow. OMG it couldn't come sooner, you guys. *excite*

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PRT JS/SC rally

Station Break: Why, yes, I am selling myself. Why d'you ask?

(That came out wrong but oh so right.)

lilalanor</lj> is holding a fandom-ish auction to help her get through a Crisis, and as she is one of my bestest fandom friends (c.f., our Sherlock kid!verses occasionally crossing the hell over) and a sweet sweet person all around, I am offering a Thing to Sell!

Said Thing To Sell, as follows (original bidding post here):

Offer: 1000 words MINIMUM of fiction in a fandom I am familiar with, including Harry Potter, Sherlock (BBC 2010 OR 2009 movie OR Conan Doyle book canon), Doctor Who (New Series, Seasons 1 - 6), Torchwood, Pundit RPF, Political RPF, Fake News RPF, 20th-21st century Political RPF, U.S. and British Celebrity RPF (specific characters negotiable), Lord of the Rings (movie OR book version), Korean dramas ("Queen Seon Deok," Tree with Deep Roots," "Jumong," "Jewel in the Palace," Kingdom of the Winds," "My Lovely Samsoon," any of the Season quadrilogy ["Autumn Story," "Winter Sonata," "Spring Waltz," "Summer Scent"]), Korean movies (specifics negotiable). For other books and movies, contact me for specifics and negotiations. Starting at $10AU.

Go forth and bid, ye friendslist! (And if you want to offer items of your own, just let her know.)

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Station Break: ...and then what happened? (a meme)

Here's [a meme] where I'll post the working title of a story, and the first sentence, for my most current WIPs. No pairing (except for what's in the working title!) or summary info. Ask away, if you're curious.

Ganked from [personal profile] lilalanor and [personal profile] thatyourefuse. They posted theirs within minutes of each other. Great minds?

Collapse )

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KDrama Tree Sejong geek


"Tree with Deep Roots" is a 2011 Korean period drama on a series of serial murders that occur during the reign of King Sejong (for historical reference, he's the king who invents the modern Korean alphabet) and the young brilliant soldier who is chosen to investigate the crimes - all while he's planning a serious crime of his own. It's fast-paced and brilliantly-written, the soundtrack is absolutely out of this world, and it's heartrending and funny and OMGWAT HOW IS THIS MADE OF SO MUCH WIN all at once. Think "Sherlock," but with the angst dialed up to eleven hundred. (Also, they totally steal some of the "Sherlock" cinematography, but I'm not saying any more because, SPOILERS. >:D)

So what are y'all waiting for, then? GO ON, WATCH IT. It's a Saturday night, and you know you want to...

(The drama is being uploaded onto DramaFever at approximately the same time as the actual episodes are being broadcast live on SBS and as fast as they can translate the subtitles. All four broadcasted episodes are now up, which is just enough to get us out of the terrible really awesome OH MY GOD WHY AM I STILL CRYING backstory and land squarely back in the realm of Sherlockian brilliance. So, you know, GO WATCH IT. NOW. I'M JUST SAYIN'.)

(And yes, this show is getting its own tag now. I'm sure there will be plenty more fanfic squee to come in the future...)

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Station Break: Because this joke was just too good NOT to share (a meme, ish)

From [personal profile] tealin's comment on [personal profile] copperbadge's post-Irene blog post:

So the chicken and the egg are in bed, and the egg is lounging back on the pillow smoking a cigarette, and the chicken is sitting rather crossly on the edge of the bed, and she says, "Well I guess we answered that question."

Feel free to drop a joke in the comments, or a funny story, or a GIF, or a video what makes you LOL, because God knows LOLs are good. Or let us all know that you survived the wrath of Irene which is the reason why Sherlock runs as fast as he can in the opposite direction when Adler's on the warpath, srsly.

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Station Break: ...the hell just happened?

So, um. I seem to have been accepted into the Fall 2011 class of the Undergraduate Writers Workshop in Fiction at the Iowa Writers' Workshop (part of the University of Iowa in Iowa City). The professor/instructor this term is James A. McPherson, who apparently won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction back in 1978 for his short story collection "Elbow Room." (Full disclaimer: I've never read any of his work, but I guess it must be good?)

The reason why I'm blogging about it right now isn't so much for the OMGYAY factor (though that's probably part of it, I'll admit) as for the HOSHIT WHAT part. The HOSHIT WHAT part comes in because this course was admission-by-application only, based solely on the submission of a short story sample, and my submission (because I had absolutely nothing else I could submit) was "In Search Of A Word: A Symphony Of First Times."

That's right. The concertmaster!Sherlock AU was read by a Pulitzer-winning writer, and I THINK HE LIKED IT. *boggles*

Anyway. I'm going to be finishing up the last chapter of "How Can We Say Forever" and posting by (God/Goddess willing) Tuesday, and after that I might not be around in fandom much because, Jesus Christ onna stick, the class starts on Wednesday and now I'm actually going to have to work my ass off in a class that I totally honestly DID NOT EXPECT to get into and I'll be forced to write stuff that's completely not fanfic and ohgodwhathaveIdone.

But in the meanwhile, I think I'm going to go up to my room, close the door, and do my very own Sherlockian Dance of OMGYAY.

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Station Break: OPEN FOR DRABBLEY BUSINESS (a meme)

The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing (that I know). In return, they have to may choose to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

(Ganked off of [personal profile] nancybrown's LJ. Blame me, not her. xD)

ETA: Oh, right! Acceptable fandoms: Sherlock, Pundit RPF, Fake News RPF, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Harry Potter, Korean dramas (check with me first). In that order.

ETA Part the Second: Oh, what the hell. ANYONE WHO POSTS, regardless of whether they're in the first five or not, can have a drabble. LET THE DRABBLINGS BEGIN. *busts out her writing knuckles*

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