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Station Break: End-of-the-Year Fic Summary

It's that time of year again...

Yuletide, you say? OK, that too, but I was referring to the season of hoshit-that's-a-lot-of-fics-what-you-wrote-this-year. (Links to be added as stories get posted to Dreamwidth, Yuletide and Secret Santa reveals go live, etc.)


Torchwood/Doctor Who (and RPFs thereof):

Harry Potter:
  • AS/S LDWS Round 1:
    • Week 1: Some Things You Should Know About Hogwarts Quidditch (229)
    • Week 2: The Food Of Love (200)
    • Week 2 (extra): Wizards Gone Wild (200)
    • Week 3: Give Me The Hook (Or The Ovation) (299)
    • Week 4: A Different Kind Of Explosion (297)
    • Week 5: Like Father, Like Son (291)
    • Week 6: Requiescat In Pace (299)
    • Week 7: All You Have To Do Is Call (100)
    • Week 8: Long-Distance Relationships (232)



  • TW Jack/OFC trilogy epic [aka Dickinsonverse; TW/DW/eventual CSI]
  • TW/"The Lake House" [for reel_torchwood]
  • DW 11/Jack dystopia AU
  • DW/PRT crossover
  • HP/TDS crossover sequel(s!)
  • HP alternate Book 7 (a few of them, actually)
  • TW "Dream Princes" installment

  • Finished Words: 76,489
    • TDS/TCR/PRT RPF: 12,700
    • Torchwood/Doctor Who: 23,456 (HAHAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE)
    • Harry Potter: 2,147
    • Crossovers: 38,086
  • Finished Fics: 57
    • TDS/TCR/PRT RPF: 18
    • Torchwood/Doctor Who: 27
    • Harry Potter: 8
    • Crossovers: 4
  • How Long It Took To Post This Coding Monstrosity: 2.5 hours and an ulcer
  • Certainty That Gina Should Get Her Head Checked: ABSOLUTE AND UTTER CERTAINTY.

Tags: fandom: doctor who rpf, fandom: harry potter, fandom: miscellany, fandom: political rpf, fandom: pundit rpf, fandom: the colbert report rpf, fandom: the daily show rpf, fandom: torchwood, fandom: us celebrity rpf, not-fic

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