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Station Break: Yuletide (2010, and other notes of holiday cheer)!

So Yuletide 2010 was smashing fun for my first year of participating. I wrote one piece, a gift for count_nickula in the TCR fandom (my first official dive into the surreal world of "Stephen Colbert" from "Tad's" POV) titled "Three Times Tad Really Should Have Left Stephen (And One Time He Did, And One Time He Didn't)." It was fun to write, and I hope you enjoyed it, Tish! <3

I also wrote two other fics in the spirit of Yuletide, but not for the actual competition: "With The Rest All Gone," for [personal profile] ptahrrific as a codetta to her TDS/TCR/Doctor Who epic series, "Truthiness and Relative Dimensions in Space"; and "Ten Things In Ten Words For Alice/Jenny" for my sekkrit pretend fiancee [personal profile] nancybrown because we are a very very tiny minority what ships Alice/Jenny but that's okay because we have each other. :D

I've also written two Secret Santa fics over at fakenews_fanfic this year, but I'm still waiting on reveals. Anyone who wants to guess what I wrote is welcome to it, though. (Winners will receive a ficlet based on a prompt of their choice.)

As for gifts: In Yuletide, karaokegal wrote me "Happy Hour," a Pundit RPF/Doctor Who crossover wherein Rachel goes sleuthing to find out the truth about the Doctor, crossing paths with quite a few other pundits and CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS before she can get to the bottom of things (and quite possibly have the best drink ever). In the FNFF SeSa, I picked up "On Tax Evasion & Killer Robots," a fine thriller/spy tale of sorts wherein Shepard (not Shepherd, dammit) and Anderson Cooper fall in love while studying FOX tax forms and Jon saves Stephen from killer drones with umbrellas and flying books.

It was a small haul this year, yes, but it was certainly a squeeful one. :D

(Also, while it wasn't written for me, I did derive an unholy amount of glee from reading The Muppet/Doctor Who Crossover Of Great Win What Vaguely Referenced Our Muppet/Torchwood Crack Of 2010. Hee!)
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