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Station Break: Warning, self-promotion ahead...

So I've been asked to make a list of the best fics I've written recently, which is actually a LOT harder than it sounds, fwiw. Doesn't really help that I'm *THIS* far behind on updating my archive, sigh.

Anyway. I managed to choose five. Ish. *shifty*

(1) "At The End Of All Things": A Daily Show apocalyptic fic. Noted for making readers cry and cuss by the end of it. (Good sign, y/y?)

(2) "Parallel Worlds": A Daily Show syfy-ish angst exploration. Again, noted for making readers look for tissues, or so I've heard.

(3) "Don't Hex Me, Bro!": A Daily Show/Harry Potter crossover. Noted for its length and plot twistiness, which is usually more than I can take but somehow I wrangled it. Also, HarryPotter!JohnOliver = OMGYAY.

(4) "A Million Dreams (But Only One "I'm Sorry")": A Torchwood short-fic. Written for writerinadrawer Round 4, and it's what I considered my best submission.

(5) "Everything Changes, Yo.": A Torchwood parody crack!fic. Even almost a year after I wrote it, I still laugh whenever I think about it.

(5a) "Going For The Gold (Or, Giving All Your Heart For Some Head)": A Torchwood RPF/US Celebrity RPF crossover for a porn battle. Um, the plotline and character development is actually pretty decent, and I make real life references liek whoa, but beware for quite probably reallyreally unrealistic gay porn. I am ashamed of it, but clearly not as ashamed as I should be. :/

And now, back to the real world. REHEARSAL OMG BYE. *runs*
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