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Station Break: Why, yes, I am selling myself. Why d'you ask?

(That came out wrong but oh so right.)

lilalanor</lj> is holding a fandom-ish auction to help her get through a Crisis, and as she is one of my bestest fandom friends (c.f., our Sherlock kid!verses occasionally crossing the hell over) and a sweet sweet person all around, I am offering a Thing to Sell!

Said Thing To Sell, as follows (original bidding post here):

Offer: 1000 words MINIMUM of fiction in a fandom I am familiar with, including Harry Potter, Sherlock (BBC 2010 OR 2009 movie OR Conan Doyle book canon), Doctor Who (New Series, Seasons 1 - 6), Torchwood, Pundit RPF, Political RPF, Fake News RPF, 20th-21st century Political RPF, U.S. and British Celebrity RPF (specific characters negotiable), Lord of the Rings (movie OR book version), Korean dramas ("Queen Seon Deok," Tree with Deep Roots," "Jumong," "Jewel in the Palace," Kingdom of the Winds," "My Lovely Samsoon," any of the Season quadrilogy ["Autumn Story," "Winter Sonata," "Spring Waltz," "Summer Scent"]), Korean movies (specifics negotiable). For other books and movies, contact me for specifics and negotiations. Starting at $10AU.

Go forth and bid, ye friendslist! (And if you want to offer items of your own, just let her know.)

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